Along the High Line Park in New York City visitors meander down the busy thoroughfare.  At times your view is fill with leafy plant life and framed views of the city. At other times you're offered glimpses into the homes and offices of neighbors, whose property lines fall adjacent to the park.  Visible Voyeur offers this same voyeuristic act through small viewfinders embedded in the fencing on the High Line. Peering into these miniature projections made from vintage slide photos, you see intimate moments in the lives of others. 

These framed views are unexpected and intriguing - but also violate the sense of what is normal in public space. Emphasizing the juxtaposition of private against public space, these apertures provide no context and no explanation to the you, the voyeur forcing you to overlay your own narrative.   


This temporary and spontaneous installation on the High Line Park in NYC was made in collaboration with Maria Rabinovich.  

Keywords & Skills Employed

Site-Specific Art, Temporary Installation, The High Line, New York, Public Art