Tangeez are light-up building blocks that change color as you stack them. Circular in shape, individually powered and internally illuminated, these playful lights can change between 7 different colors.  Each Tangee has three prongs on the top, three holes on the bottom, and one tri-color LED in the middle. Connect one prong and you’ll see one color--red, green, or blue, depending on the hole you choose.  Plugging in two prongs mixes two colors together…three prongs, three colors. The more you change and rearrange, the more colors you create.

Tangeez was a product created to explore ways that people could interact with light in a tactile way.  The product became was selected to be a finalist in the Next Top Maker Competition sponsored by the New York Economic Development Corporation. We were one of 6 finalists to take part in an incubator program and we were offered mentorship by the founder of Adafruit in addition to funding, studio space, and the opportunity to present products to relevant Venture Capitalists. 


Tangeez was made in collaboration with Mustafa Bagdatli.

Keywords & Skills Employed: 

Custom Electronics, Injection Molding, Product Design, Hardware Design, Custom Circuitry, Chidren's Toy, Modular Lighting, Lighting Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing, Oversee Production + Domestic Production, Assembly, Fullfilment, Next Top Makers Competition Finalist, DIY, Maker.