The STUDIO XFINITY store located in Chicago is a Flagship Store created for Comcast-Universal. In an effort to improve their customer relations, Comcast wanted to  improve the impression of themselves in the market  and increase the awareness of their technology.  To so, they created high-end retail experiences. The Apple-like environment allows visitors to explore the Xfinity products family in a hands on and immersive way.  The 7500 sq. foot space also housed 3 studio-like environments for small, medium and large groups events.  

Ribbons of media weave through the space in varying types of LED panel to create a unique media canvas that displayed custom content.  Vertical columns in the space are also clad in LED showing dynamic media, custom visualizations and event specific information to greet visitors as they enter each Studio. Overhead, the 3-Dimensional ceiling chandelier was custom made of hundreds of CNC'd aluminum bars with integrated, color-changing light fixtures. A single video can be displayed on any of the media surfaces (included the ceiling) to create a completely immersive effect with a single piece of media.  An Audio experience couples the Visual experience.   

As Senior Technical Designer for ESI Design, I conceived of the technical design and oversaw the execution and construction of STUDIO XFINITY's technology platform to ensure the aesthetic of the experience  as well a the functionality of the front and back end system were maintained throughout the evolution of the project.