In the reflecting pool of the San Pedro Fountain, twelve fans of water blow in the breeze next to pulsing jets of water. The fan-shaped water-sails strike statuesque poses in this busy Los Angeles port and the jets bring a sense of drama and surprise to the playful community gathering space. The movement of the fans and the percussive sounds of the jets as they burst through the water's surface creates a lively space that is meant to be both a haven and a destination in the southern california town. The water feature stands at three quarters of an acre in size with water reaching over one hundred feet in the air.

Juxtaposed against an industrial backrop of barges and shipping containers, the reflecting pool and moving water bring a refreshing touch of nature to the busy harbor. The San Pedro Water Feature was conceived of by artist Claire Kahn while at WET Design. 

I had the privledge of choreographing one of the shows that the fountain performs on the hour during the holidays.