Sabra, a 360-degree water feature, pierces through the plaza at the base of the Burj Khalifa Tower on the Dubai Mall.  Each of the curved walls is clad with tile and releases water that cascades down the interior and exterior surfaces. The curving walls references the building's architecture and provides the plaza with an iconic sculpture that grounds the tallest building in the world.

The curving walls are clad with tile that affects the pattern of the water as is falls from top to bottom.  On the exterior surface, smooth striations in a slate tile allow the water to fall in a fishtail pattern, gently moving its way down the 30' sculpture.  On the interior surfaces, a fiery red tile pixelated tile creates small shelves for the water to catch on, making the water bounces around in a chaotic pattern as it's plunges to the base.  In the evening, bright lights illuminate the interior while software washes graze the exterior. Like a geode, the colorful and turbulent interior can be seen through thin breaks in the calm exterior walls. At the base of the sculpture, a pulsing wave ebbs and flows to create a tide-like pattern and audio-scape.  

Sabra was one of several water features in Tower Park, the grounds surrounding the Burj Khalifa. Created while at WET Design, I conceived of Sabra and provided design direction during the production phases of the Tower Park project.