Constellation is collaboration between Artist Jim Campbell and Alonzo King Lines Ballet Company.  Acting as the Creative Technologist and Programmer, I worked closely with Jim to produce the piece, traveling with it throughout its many showings to provide Technical Direction and program the visuals during the live performances.  First performed in San Francisco, the piece has international recognition and has traveled around the world, with performances in Paris, New York and Sao Paolo.  

"In this piece, Alonzo King explores the orientation of our bodies to light. A groundbreaking collaboration with artist Jim Campbell, Constellation is both luminous and lucid, encompassing and intimate. When the dancers glimmer into view, they move the way that ideas move through the mind, synaptically, in pulses and flashes. King’s duets seem to show that the dancers can turn on any axis, or arc upwards from any clasp. Over the course of the piece, strings of lights drape their bodies, and lighted globes are tucked into their hands or the crooks of their knees."  - LINES Ballet

Skills Employed:  

Technical Direction, Custom Electronics, Live Programming, Live Performance, International Event, Theater Setting, Installation & Installaiton Oversight, Worked with Unions, Circuit Fabrication, Fabricator Management, Modular System Design, Managed Production of Electronics.