300 South Wacker is a highrise building along Chicago's iconic riverfront.  Tasked with creating a new identity for this overlooked building, the building became a landmark by taking the decrepit sheet wall on the exterior of the building and marking it with a map of the city. Centered on the map, highlighted in red, is the building itself.  In the eve the building illuminates the area around it making it an glowing "you are here" marker. 

On the interior, this concept continues where more maps of the city's streets transform the marble walls. Crisp white lighting highlight the features of the map where etched details of the street names bring added detail to the grahpic street layout.  The horizon lighting is dynamic and displays subtle shift in color that coordinate with the sunrise and sunset and pull their coloration from the seasons, giving the impression of a cool winter or warm summer sunlight.

Known for it's impressive architecture, Chicago has long appreciated the structures that lines the streets of this cultured Midwest city and boat tours take advantage of the winding river to highlight the city's works of art. After the renovations, 300 South Wacker has been added to the well-known boat tour and is now a memorable building that contributes to the city's unique skyline.  

Created while at ESI Design, I was the Lead Technology Designer and oversaw the artistic use of technical to bring focus and identity to a previously overlooked builing. 


Before and After video courtesy of ESI Design & Beacon Capital Partners.