A lobby in downtown Chicago was renovated to take the monolithic lobby and reinvent it. At the start the coliseum style lobby was overwhelmed by its materiality. The lobby was filled with beautiful, but sterile white travertine that made the lobby a cacophonous space without much focus. Large wooden desks felt dated and the square columns running through the lobby were shroud in oversized circular encasements.  

ESI reinvented the lobby by adding in a projected, panoramic image that runs across the upper pediments of the wall.  The media paints the lobby walls with dynamic imagery transforming the white walls into a majestic media canvas, while maintaining the integrity of the travertine walls.  Live data is used to create many of the visuals played throughout the course of the day.  Clouds and rain change pace in response to current weather conditions, word clouds are pulled from dynamic twitter feeds, instagram imagery tagged with Chicago-related tag words are pulled and combined to create a mosaic of Chicago photos.

A soffit was constructed to elegantly disguise the 13 projectors mounted near the ceiling. The circular column-shrouds were removed to reveal the original steel structural columns underneath.  The retail corridor was also treated with new way finding and signage and exterior building addresses were updated with new fonts and lighting. I acted as the Leda Technology Designer on the project and oversaw the construction and integration of technology into the built environment. 


This video courtesy of ESI Design.