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Visible Voyeur

2011 | The High Line | New York, NY
6' x 5' | Slide Photographs, Acrylic Globe, LED Lighting

As you walk along the High Line promenade, you're afforded small glimpses into the lives of the residents whose property falls adjacent to the park. Whereas before, these glimpses were only offered to those commuting along the train line, now visitors are able to amble past the properties peering into the small sliver of life revealed through the window frame.

Visible Voyeur offers this same voyeuristic act through small view finders embedded into the fencing along the lower half of the High Line south of 16th street. This path isn't highlighted and is therefore rarely taken. Peering into the portals, you're shown images of intimate moments in other's lives. It is an experience of unexpected discovery, one that is intriguing, but violates the sense of what is right and normal in public space. Emphasizing the juxtaposition of the private residences against the public space, these apertures provide no context and no explanation to the voyeur, forcing them to overlay their own narrative.

This project was a collaboration with Maria Rabinovich.