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‘The Abscissa Cycle’

The Abscissa Cycle merges the worlds of programming and painting into a singular, physical object. By creating a dialogue between computer generated imagery and the classical art form of painting I was able to expand how I could program generative imagery and use it to create a piece that also incorporated more traditional forms of art making, painting.

The Abscissa Cycle began as a programmed simulation where I explored how one could model gravitational forces in an digital environment. I wondered whether I could model the behaviors we find in nature in a programmed, on-screen simulation. I chose to apply gravitation forces to a particle cloud, mimicking behaviors found in the center of a neutron star.

By capturing the images the program generated, I was able to separate and highlight 60 individual layers, showing the program's evolution over time. The captured images were then etched onto acrylic plates, hand-painted and stacked together to extrude the graphic and translate the piece from an on-screen rendering to a physical object.

The final piece spans 4 feet and allows the visitor to move around and between the separated layers, viewing them individually or as whole. The smooth, glass-like edges of the acrylic transmit the color of the paint on each plate and highlight the synthesis of computer generated content. The program is projected directly across from the sculpture highlighting the divide between the two mediums.